English Literature Notes

If you’re a student of English literature, you’re probably already familiar with the dozens of websites out there that provide notes and study guides for English literature students. While most of these websites are doing a pretty good job, some problems do exist.

One of the main problems, mostly faced by non-native English speakers, is regarding the type of language used on these sites. For example, while Shmoop.com is a great website with lots of great info presented in a humorous way, this humor is not always easy for non-natives to grasp.

Similarly, SparkNotes is a great resource but the type of language that they use is often too academic. In other words, it’s boring. Moreover, it’s often not very detailed. The creators of SparkNotes have also created another website, namely LitCharts. However, it’s fairly new and does not have a lot of content.

Besides these, there are many other websites such as GradeSaver, Enotes, cliffsnotes etc., but the one we’re going to share with you today is unique in many ways.

Say hello to LitPriest, a high quality resource for students of English literature. It’s a new website and does not have a lot of content yet; however, the creators seem to be working hard on it and fresh content is being added almost everyday.

The website has covered a lot of content that was previously hard to find on the internet, especially Pakistani literature. The writers who craft content for the website are position holding English graduates.

Almost all of the content on the site is written in a very straight forward and easy to understand manner, letting students of all levels and all backgrounds benefit from the study guides on the website.

There’s a dedicated forum section on the website as well where literature students can have discussions and ask questions.

Hope to see this website arise soon as a great resource for English literature students.

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